Recommended by customers and leading institutions.
Available for custom builds & licensing for your organisation.

  • British council

    Micro-phonics product is innovative, practical and effective being based on web enabled multi-media devices - British Council ELT awards – Judge’s quote

  • Micro-phonics was a British Council ELTons finalist.

  • University of Glasgow

    Using it can have a strong positive effect on learning pronunciation of English for beginners to intermediate learners. University of Glasgow; Professor J Smith, Dr R Smith

  • City of Glasgow College

    "The students really enjoy using it and ask every day if they can use it” City of Glasgow College ELT lecturer

  • University of Strathclyde

    Your program is really easy to use, it runs really quickly, and it works well for me. Sergio Mussolino, Italy.

For Institutions

ESOL teaching schools, colleges universities and institutions schools.

A self-paced tool that augments and enhances ESOL school curriculum with minimal staff training or disruption and significant gains in ESOL teaching  productivity  and capacity.

Easing resource, improving pass rates and correlating student performance.

For Teachers

For teachers that normally have highly unpredictable demands on them.

A tool to complement your lessons; to add capacity in helping students with pronunciation, comprehension and literacy.

To provide one-to-one tuition specifically for pronunciation and oral comprehension.


For Students

Achieve better English pronunciation everyday in your work and your daily life.

Test your pronunciation, comprehension and spelling; use it as often as you want. Online. Anywhere.

"Simple, intuitive, innovative, practical and effective"

  • >Access online from anywhere

    Access Online from anywhere

    Cloud-based ESOL tool; accessible via Chrome web browser

    Demonstrates real pronunciation of letters, sounds and words

    Blending of phonemes to "sound out" complete words

    Packaged and delivered as a software service

  • Test your pronunciation on 350,000 words

    Test your pronunciation on 350,000 words

    Test your pronunciation with the most advanced speech assessment technology

    3,000 full words built into word-lists

    Tunable to varying accents

    Can also assess sentences

  • Integrates into VLE with 6000 question bank

    Integrates into VLEs with a comprehensive 6,000 questions

    Dozens of prebuilt word-lists/ word-sets covering:

    banking, buildings, food/drink, calendar/time, classroom, clothing, colours, countries, directions, nouns, verb, adjectives and much more.

    complemented with 6000 spelling and multi-choice questions


About us and our partners

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We are a Strathclyde University start-up e-learning company based in Glasgow.


We are working in partnership with a leading UK research University(Russel Group):
The University of Glasgow.

We are a Strathclyde University Entrepreneurial winner.

Micro-phonics was a British Council ELTons finalist.



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